Maison des Miracles
12, rue Fontbourgues
11330 Albières

Dear visitor of this website,

With this message I want to inform you that Maison des Miracles will cease to exist. For reasons beyond my reach, I am moving to another quiet place, not for from here, with only lodging ability for family and friends.
This means that this magical place, where guests could stay, recharge, heal, do yoga, be treated with healthful meals, will be over.
It does not mean I will be completely off the grid. You might still e-mail me with your questions. I am still recording personal CDs for people with special wishes. And I am still open for your invitation to lecture, offer my inspired workshops on mindfulness, yoga, healing with sound, sun and moon salutation…
All former guests have been informed by me in person, and I have been grateful for their inspirational presence.

This website will discontinue, for the time being anyway, in English, since all of my other products like my books and CD series are in Dutch. If English (speaking) persons wish to ask me questions or invite me to do workshops anywhere else, just drop me a line:

Wish you well,

Dick de Ruiter